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  1. Mikalkree
    JoJosida 08.02.2020
    Alfred's biographer, Asser, is silent on the terms of the truce, but it is highly likely that the Norsemen were bought off with more extortion money. The Vikings took a roundabout route, first moving north into Saxon Mercia, then heading southeast to London, stripping eastern Wessex of corn, salted meat and cattle as they went.
  2. Fenritilar
    Tebar 12.02.2020
    Alfred's Victorian Restaurant is an Victorian Brownstone Mansion. Offering intimate dining rooms, decorated with antiques, carved wood and gingerbread accents. Screens separate some tables to provide privacy, making Alfred's a popular romantic spot. .
  3. Vikus
    Shajind 11.02.2020
    Aug 07,  · Odda and Aethelbar praise Alfred as God's gift who led the Saxons to victory whilst Alfred praises Aethelbar, Asmund, and Alvin.
  4. Kajijar
    Kagajora 08.02.2020
    Alfred became ruler of the Saxon kingdom of Wessex on April 23, , after his brother Aethelred died, either from wounds sustained fighting the Danes or from disease due to the rigors of the campaign against the Norsemen is not known. Alfred became the king despite the .

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