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  1. Grokinos
    Vudorisar 03.10.2019
    Negation of the Negation, Law of the one of the basic laws of the dialectic, which characterizes the direction of development, the unity of progress and continuity in development, the emergence of the new, and the relative recurrence of some elements of the old.
  2. Doutaxe
    Tejar 09.10.2019
    Introduction. Negation or negative sentences in German grammar are formed with the words nicht (not) and kein (no/none).The tricky part is understanding when to use nicht and when to use kein and where to put them in a sentence.. Learn about the word order of negative sentences in German and when to use nicht or tacrigositurtaicloninmerquigraphti.coinfo the exercises, you can practise what you have learnt.
  3. Tojagore
    Zulkirn 10.10.2019
    Contexts ▼ Opposite of the absence or opposite of something actual or positive Opposite of the contradiction or denial of something Opposite of a rendering void and of .
  4. Nikot
    Vigor 11.10.2019
    de·ni·al (dĕ-nī'ăl), An unconscious defense mechanism used to allay anxiety by denying the existence of important conflicts, troublesome impulses, events, actions, or illness. Synonym(s): negation [M.E., fr, tacrigositurtaicloninmerquigraphti.coinfo, fr. L. denegare, to say no] ne·ga·tion (nĭ-gā′shən) n. A denial, contradiction, or negative statement. de·ni·al (dĕ-nī'ăl.
  5. Nikora
    Virisar 08.10.2019
    Negationist definition, the act of denying: He shook his head in negation of the charge. See more.
  6. Kigashakar
    Sashicage 08.10.2019
    When we want to say that something is not true or is not the case, we can use negative words, phrases or clauses. Negation can happen in a number of ways, most commonly, when we use a negative word such as no, not, never, none, nobody, etc. Click on a topic to learn more about negation.
  7. Manos
    Tugis 07.10.2019
    Other articles where Negation is discussed: history of logic: Categorical forms: a copula, (4) perhaps a negation (“not”), (5) a predicate. Propositions analyzable in this way were later called categorical propositions and fall into one or another of the following forms.
  8. Kazirr
    Vojin 08.10.2019
    24 synonyms of negation from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 30 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for negation. Negation: a refusal to confirm the truth of a statement. Synonyms: contradiction, denegation, denial Antonyms: acknowledgment, admission, avowal Find the right word.
  9. Bahn
    Sashura 09.10.2019
    In French, a negative is generally made up of two parts. The negative may or may not include the word non (no). Consider the following examples: Je ne danse pas bien.

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